QOD Prime Infusion - Men 

QOD Prime Infusion treatment is free from formaldehyde, making it the perfect choice for those who want hair that is straight, shiny and natural. More long-lasting than the conventional keratin treatments, it works on the innermost part of your hair without altering its structure, ensuring healthy hair with increased stability and strength. 

₹ 4200*

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Tressplex Collagen Treatment / Curly Hair for Men  

With the advanced technology, removes the frizz & relaxes the hair shape to give you healthy & frizz free hair. Also adds shine & smoothness to your mane. 

₹ 2700*

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Smoothening /Rebonding- Men 

What’s the hair makeover on you mind? Silky straight or smooth blow-out styled hair? We have it all to make you look your stunning best! 

₹ 2600*

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Straight Gloss Therapy - Men 

If you’ve always wanted to flaunt straight hair, this one is for you. Treat your hair to this rich service packed with Silk Protein Complex that makes it look sleek and smooth. 

₹ 4600*

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Cysteine Kera-Smooth Treatment- Men 

A specialized service to relax curls and reduce frizz, making your hair smooth, shiny and manageable. 

₹ 3200*

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