Bridal Lookbook

Bridal Lookbook - The Gen-Next Bride

This year, Lakmé Salon is celebrating the modern-age millennial bride. The Gen-Next Brides is a collection of contemporary wedding looks dedicated to every free-spirited bride-to-be who likes to add a personalized touch to traditional elements. This bride is not just bending the old age wedding rules; she is rewriting them. And she isn’t coy during the celebrations. Instead, she flaunts her real self and is happy as a punk to embark on this new journey and she does it all in style and smiles.

Each of our contemporary looks has been put together keeping in mind the new expectations from brides.  Whether you opt for a virtual wedding or go for an intimate setting, we have looks befitting all your bridal moods to make sure you turn the minimal into something phenomenal.

To help you be the star of your D-day our National Creative Directors & salon experts bring you the best of bridal beauty trends. 55+ in-salon safety measures have also been implemented in consultation with medical experts to keep you safe.

Lakme Salon - UFF Teri Ada Look


This look is designed for the coy bride whose excitement at her sangeet is palpable but measured. She is a vision of pure radiance as she prepares to embark on this new journey in her life. The shades of mint green that this stunning bride adorns befits her strong sense of individuality and independence.

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Makeup: Clear base with a hint of blush,  blend of green and bronze shimmery eye shadow, and a glossy light tangerine lip.

Hair: Light brown with a tinge of gold and copper pulled back into a high, tight and sleek bouquet bun.

Nails: Green Base decorated with white detailing, and gold and diamond ornaments.


Lakme Salon - Mahi Ve Look


This look is designed for the playful bride-to-be who’s all decked up to dazzle at her mehendi ceremony. Her light rosy cheeks and glowing complexion give away her penchant for pink. Reveling in an eclectic fusion of traditional and contemporary tastes, this bride is a gorgeous force to be reckoned with.

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Makeup: Light rosy cheeks with a hot pink lip, and a pinkish-gold eyeshadow and liner.

Hair: Light brown and blonde highlights with milkmaid braids on the crown, and loose beach waves.

Nails: Bubblegum pink base with shimmer and diamond embellishments.


Lakme Salon - Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna look


Dedicated to the bride who brings with her that pop of sunshine. Her uplifting, cheerful nature coupled with her love for happy hues gives her mehendi ceremony light and playful feel. This look brings out the twinkle in her eyes while highlighting that hint of mischief as well. She is the chirpy bride who is a class apart.

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Makeup: Dewy base with black eyeliner, salmon eyeshadow with salmon shades along the waterline, black liner, and a shimmery coral lip.

Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights, center-parted and pulled back into a long fishtail braid with loose ringlets, and a smattering of baby’s breath.

Nails: Shimmery yellow base with pastel pink motifs, and decorated with diamond studs.


Lakme Salon - Bride No. 1 look


Reminiscent of royalty, this look immortalizes the classic bride who is inclined towards looking like a queen. Her regal poise and grace put her up on a magnificent pedestal. Decked up in decadence as she flaunts that much-sought afterglow, this bride’s radiance is one that remains unmatched.

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Makeup: A dewy base with gold and red eye shadow,  a dab of soft pinkish bronze, and a hint of red glitter with a glossy pink lip.

Hair: Center-parted, light brown hair with blonde highlights pulled back into a low bun, draped with a peeled fishtail braid.

Nails:  A red and shimmer base, with glitter and diamond sequins.


Lakme Salon - Deewani Mastani look


This is a beautiful ode to the bride who ought to sparkle her brightest on her wedding day. A magnificent blend of a fresh, dewy complexion and bold mesmerizing eyes; this look celebrates the urban Indian bride who believes that minimalism speaks volumes.

Quick Tip #5: Ease pre-wedding stress with a relaxing body massage with ylang-ylang and lavender essential oils.

Makeup: Fresh and dewy base, bold blackish-brown smokey eyes, with a pinkish-nude lip.

Hair: Side parted light brown hair with blonde highlights, twisted into loose waves pulled into a low bun covered with delicately wrapped patterned curls and loose ringlets.

Nails: Powder pink base with pearl and diamond embellishments.

Lakme Salon - Dilwali Dulha Le Jayegi look


For the bride whose effortless style takes a room by storm. This look has been designed to enamor all those who set their eyes on her. Tantalizing hues of orange that reflect the sun in all it's blazing glory, this bride follows the beat of her own dhol.

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Makeup: Flawless base, gold eyeshadow with bronze glitter and a dab of brown at the corners, coupled with a satin rust-colored lip.

Hair: Sleek center-parted brownish-copper hair with a ribbon braid and puff, pulled back into a neat low bun.

Nails: Glossy orange base with glitter and diamond embellishments.

Lakme Salon - Hey Shona look


Designed for the modern-day bride whose heart desires traditional grace and elegance, this look accentuates the woman behind all the finery. This bride displays a stunning symphony of red and white as she weaves a tale that forms a timeless part of the East Indian cultural tapestry.

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Makeup: Kohl-rimmed eyes, with classic black liner and pinkish bronze eyeshadow, a crimson lip, and delicate chandan work.

Hair: Center parted with waves, and a puff brought together in a burgundy streaked tight low bun adorned with roses.

Nails: Crimson base with intricate white detailing, and sparkling gold and diamond stones.


Lakme Salon - Kanmani look


Right out of a resplendent reverie, this traditional bride from the South captures our gaze with her shy yet spellbinding style. With its regal adornment of traditional jewelry that pairs well with this bride’s glowing complexion, this look pays reverential tribute to the golden bride.

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Makeup: Dewy golden base, black liner with golden eyeshadow, and a creamy pink lip.

Hair: Center parted, long loose braid adorned at intervals with clusters of Jasmin.

Nails: Glossy orange base with gold and diamond embellishments.


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