Lakmē Salon Partners Speak Up!

Anjana Sibal
Delhi, 50 years old, proud owner of two Lakmē Salons since 15 years

"I always had the urge to do something of my own and Lakme Salon empowered me with tools that supported both my professional role as the owner of Lakme Salons in two different cities and my personal growth in being a confident individual. I believe that a confident women can empower many others, and I take every opportunity in supporting other men and women to get in touch with their skills and self confidence. Some are now proud owners of Lakme franchise themselves."

Preeti Dias
Kanpur, 35 years old, owns five Lakme Salons

"Lakmé Salon gave my life a purpose, a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve. When I started off, I had no experience in business, but that was 13 years ago. Lakmé Salon mentored me every step of the way, and now I'm a seasoned businesswoman! My people management skills have improved, and my business has done well for itself. I am who I am today, only because of Lakmé Salon."

Roopa Prabhu
Early 40's, previously a housewife

"I started running 2 Lakme Salons independently in 2010. Since my direct involvement in the business, I have become a happier person. Developing bonds with other people, be it employees or customers is very fulfilling. I've become more patient even in my other roles as mother and wife. I stopped finding faults in everything and began enjoying every moment of my life. I definitely feel very blessed."

Suma Radheshyam
39 years, previously an IT professional

"I wanted to be financially independent and be my own boss, that's why I got into this business. I'm so glad I did because it has helped me even on a personal level. I used to be inhibited, a software engineer who never looked beyond her project, but now I'm bolder, emotionally stronger and more confident in my views and expressions. I've met a new me, thanks to Lakme Salon."

"Under Lakmé Salon, I have gained the respect of people around me. It has made me realize I want to achieve more."

Navita Goel, Previously a housewife

"Being a Lakmé Salon owner, I feel empowered. I am self reliant, confident and content.. and my next goal is to make a difference in society."

Sowmya, 36, previously an IT professional

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