Terms and Conditions of ‘Lakmé New Series Offer’ (the “Series Scheme”)

  1. The Series Scheme enables the customers to take a stipulated number of eligible services and avail certain number of the same service/s for free at almost any of the Lakmé salons chains within stipulated period.
  2. The Series Scheme is run by Lakmé Lever Private Limited (“LLPL”) for its company owned and its participating franchisee Lakme Salons.
  3. The customer agrees that by purchasing the Series Scheme, the customer is deemed to have understood and to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  4. All existing series booked under earlier schemes as at launch of this Series Scheme will continue to be valid and honored in accordance to the terms they were purchased.
  5. Duration - The Series Scheme is effective from August 16, 2017 and is valid till it is withdrawn. LLPL reserves the rights to change/ modify the terms and conditions of the Series Scheme, partially or in fully or to withdraw the Series Scheme in totality or any portions of it at any point in time without any prior notice;
  6. Eligible Services & salons:
    • The list of eligible services which qualify for the Series Scheme is available at your nearest Lakme salon.
    • Series under this Scheme can be booked at any of the Lakmé salon.
    • Please check the services available for purchase under the Series Scheme at Lakme Absolute Salon outlets, Lakme FastnFab outlets and Lakme Salon outlets inside clubs mentioned below as the type of services eligible at these salons may be different from other Lakmé Salons;
  7. Free Services–
    • Under the Scheme, with effect from August 16, 2017, following are the free services which a customer will be eligible on purchasing the minimum number of sittings of a service mentioned against each.
      • With Series of 4 services, Get 1 Service free;
      • With Series of 6 services, Get 2 Services free; and
      • With Series of 8 services, Get 4 Services free.
    • The free service will be of the same type for which the series is purchased.
    • The services purchased under the Scheme and the free services(s) have to be redeemed at the same salon.
  8. Redemption of Series:
    • Services purchased under the Series Scheme can be availed only by the customer who has purchased the Series.
    • The Services and free services purchased under the Series Scheme cannot be carried forward and should be utilized within the period mentioned in these terms and conditions.
    • The Customer is required to check for with the salon team and ensure proper gaps between each sitting of a service. The respective Lakmé Salon shall not be responsible for any quality, service or damage to the hair or skin of the customer due to availing of the services at longer or shorter duration than advisable.
    • The Series Scheme is not transferable and does not confer any other rights on the customer than to avail the free services as mentioned above.
    • The Series purchased and the free service(s) cannot be exchanged for monetary compensation or gift or other offers;
    • A Onetime Password (“OTP”) sent to the registered mobile number of the customer would be necessary for every instance of redemption of Benefits. LLPL or its franchisees will not be responsible for inability to redeem due to non-availability of OTP or incorrect OTP.  Payments for such services which are availed but not successfully redeemed under the Scheme will have to be made in full at the applicable prices and will not be covered under the Scheme.
    • Producing a computer generated invoice of the purchase of the Series is necessary for each redemption and availing the free service.
  9. Validity of the Series & free service –
    • The services purchased in Series and the free services available under the Scheme should be collectively availed within the limited period of time mentioned below -
    • For the Series mentioned at 6 (a) and 6 (b) within 1 year from the date of purchase.
    • For the Series mentioned at 6 (c) within 18 months from date of purchase.
  10. Other terms and conditions:
    • The services at Lakmé Salons can be availed without the Series Scheme as well.
    • Only customers who are above 18 years of age are eligible to purchase the Series Scheme.
    • Amounts once paid towards the Series Scheme will not be returned or refunded.
    • Services availed pursuant to redemption of the Series Scheme benefits are not further eligible for any other discounts or offers.
    • LLPL reserves the right to cancel the benefits of any customer if they are found to be violating any of the terms and conditions and forfeit any unutilized service benefits.
    • Amounts paid towards the Series Scheme are not eligible for loyalty points.
    • For cash payments above Rs. 50,000/- furnishing a copy of PAN of the customer and other required KYC is mandatory as per government rules. LLPL and its franchisees reserve rights to reject any customer wanting to purchase the Scheme who does not comply with this requirement.
    • Payments for the purchase of the Series will have to be made in single installment in full. Part payments will not be entertained. Payments cannot be made by way of redemption of loyalty points, gift cards, coupons, purchase of Membership Scheme etc.
    • For cash payments above Rs. 50,000/- furnishing a copy of PAN of the customer and other required KYC is mandatory as per government rules. LLPL and its franchisees reserve rights to reject any customer wanting to purchase the Scheme who does not comply with this requirement. 
    • Customers will have to take a prior appointment to avail the services. For details of the  terms and conditions which apply to any customer availing services at Lakme Salons please refer the link:
    • LLPL or its franchisees will not be responsible in case any of the terms of the Series Scheme are misunderstood or misconstrued by the Customer.
    • None of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to constitute a partnership or agency between LLPL and its franchisees.
    • All Personal Information /Sensitive personal data or information provided by the customer while booking appointments, consultation procedures or filling consent forms is  out of the customer’s free consent to enable the Company to carry out the services. Further Lakme Lever Private Limited ( LLPL) or its parent company shall keep the Personal Information /Sensitive personal data or information provided by the customer  confidential and   may store the same for future reference and use and for providing and recommending any  other products and / or services or marketing purposes. Please refer to our privacy policy on link: to understand the way we use personal information collected from you.
    • Amongst others we use the personal information provided by you to contact you for informing you of our products, offers, services and promotions and other legitimate marketing purposes. If you would rather not receive these, please call customer care (No. 1800 123 1952) / visit your nearest Lakme Salon / visit the Lakme Salon Mobile App.
    • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this terms and conditions and any circumstances whatsoever, LLPL shall not be liable for any incidental, ancillary, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits or injury or death, whether in contract or based on any theory of liability.
    • Please email / Toll Free: 1800 123 1952 in case of any query, grievance/complaint / feedback.
    • Disputes, if any, will be subject to Indian laws and shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.

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