These terms and conditions apply to all the registered members of Runway Rewards, a value-added feature-based membership program (“Program”), of Lakmē Lever Private Limited (also referred to as “LLPL/Lakmē Salon”), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 099. By accepting the membership of this Program, the interested customer/applicant (“Member”) agrees to the below mentioned Terms and Conditions.


1.   A customer who has spent an amount worth Rs. 1000/- (exclusive of taxes) & above cumulative in a period of 12 months at any Lakmē Salon shall become eligible for membership of the Program. Any eligible customer who meets the above criteria can register for the Program by providing her name and mobile number to the counter staff at the Lakmē Salon at the time of billing. The Program is open only to customers who provide a valid mobile number. Participation in the Program is voluntary and strictly subject to the terms and conditions in this regard as applicable from time to time. One customer can provide only one valid mobile number and cannot enroll under 2 different mobile nos.

2.   In case a customer is not willing or fails to provide his / her mobile number, on eligibility, the program is not open to such customers.

3.   A Member of the program is deemed to have consent to also receive all communications regarding service appoints, cancellations, bill payments, points credit/ redeemed/ balance details as well as communications regarding the benefits under the program and other promotional message of Lakmē Salons and Products. In case the customer does not wish to receive promotional messages and / emails he /she should inform the front desk at the time of registration or any time thereafter in one of the opt out mechanisms available, i.e., Download the Lakmē Salon Mobile App, log-in using the mobile no. registered with Lakmē Salon & opt out of promotional SMS/email. or email care.LLPL@unilever.com/ Call Toll Free: 1800 123 1952.

4.   The Member’s mobile number will serve as unique identification no. for the Program. Accordingly, the Member agrees to (i) provide correct details when applying for Program and failure to do so may invalidate the membership and (ii) by giving their details for membership, the member agrees to abide by the applicable terms and conditions of the Program. Member’s responsibility to provide complete, correct, and accurate information is a continuing obligation (over the course of the continuing membership) and the Member must notify Lakmē of changes in any information already provided including that of change in mobile number. All communication including secure codes for availing rewards, benefits, redemption of points, points expiry notification and tier upgrade / downgrade notification will be sent to the Member’s registered mobile number. By becoming a member of the Program, the Member consents to receive all information relating to the Program, including secure codes for availing rewards, benefits, redemption of points, points expiry notification and tier upgrade / downgrade notification. The Member(s) shall be responsible for ensuring appropriate usage of the same.

5.   Only Indian residents having age of 18 years and above can apply for the program and body corporate, companies, partnerships, trusts or other such entities are not eligible for membership. The membership shall be offered to the customer at the sole and absolute discretion of Lakmē. One member is entitled and eligible to hold only one exclusive membership under the Program and the membership cannot be held jointly with any other person(s). In case the Member is below the age of 18 years, then the said Members’ membership will be granted by Lakmē under the premise that there is acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Program by the major guardian/parent of said Member. Only one mobile number can be used as the unique identifier for each Member.

6.   The member hereby authorizes Lakmē to retain the information shared by the member with Lakmē for the purpose of the Program and any other marketing campaign of Lakmē including its holding company. The information that any Member provides to Lakmē at the time of joining the Program and redeeming points will be processed and stored by Lakmē /any authorized vendor’s information systems. To help a Member get the maximum benefits out of the Program, regular updates, offers and relevant information and tips will be sent to Members through various media. Lakmē will only disclose Member’s information if Lakmē or its authorized vendor is called upon to disclose the information by any court of law or any law enforcement agency. The registration with Lakmē under the Program shall be deemed to be consent from the Member to communicate with the Member through email, SMS, phone calls, direct mail, and other means of communication.

7.   Members can unsubscribe from the Program by informing at any Lakmē Salon. Such non -subscription shall amount to forfeiture of member’s right to avail benefits under the Program.



1.   Lakmē reserves the absolute right to change, withdraw, cancel, or suspend the Program and/or registration without any prior intimation to the Members/applicants and the general public.

Under the Program, the membership will be in 4 Tiers viz. (a) Silver followed by (b) Gold followed by (c) Platinum followed by (d) Showstopper. Each tier will have its own points, rewards and benefits structure as determined by Lakmē from time to time. The benefits structure is as mentioned below:

Runway Reward Tiers Silver Starlet Golden Goddess Platinum Diva Stunning Showstopper


₹1,000 - 9,999

₹10,000 - 24,999

₹25,000 - 49,999

₹50,000 & ABOVE



(Rs.250 X 2)


(Rs.250 X 2)




(Rs.500 X 3)



GIFT VOUCHERS WORTH Rs.3000 (Rs.1000 X 3)








Monday to Thursday Till 3pm

10% OFF on services 10% OFF on services FLAT 15% OFF on services on all days FLAT 20% OFF on services on all days
BIRTHDAY TREAT*  15% OFF on services 15% OFF on services 15% OFF on services 30% Off ON SERVICES


2.   Members qualifying to move up to the next tier shall automatically move to the next tier and will be entitled to avail benefits associated with the new tier viz. Eligibility shall be based on purchase value within 12 months.

3.   The current eligibility criteria are as below.

    a.    Each Member will start as Silver Tier Member by default unless the first time spends is qualifying for the higher tier.

    b.    Cumulative purchase values from the time of enrolment / last tier upgrade will be considered for tier upgradation. Tiers will be valid for 1 year from entry date into the tier.

Tier Slab (In Rs.)
Silver Starlet 1000 - 9999
Golden Goddess 10000 - 24999
Platinum Diva 25000 - 49999
Stunning Showstopper 50000 and above


4.  Lakmē reserves its rights to alter the benefits structure and Program at and for any period, at its sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever, without any prior intimation.


1.   The tier in which the member is registered shall determine the percentage of points that can be earned by a Member whilst availing services. The current point structure for the tiers is as below.


Tier Slab (In Rs.) % SPOTLIGHTS earned per rupee of eligible spend
Silver Starlet 1000 - 9999 2%
Golden Goddess 10000 - 24999 5%
Platinum Diva 25000 - 49999 10%
Stunning Showstopper 50000 and above 10%


2.  500/1000 referral bonus points will be earned only when the referred customers comes & transacts with Lakmē Salon for the first time within 30 days from the referral date.

3.  Points will expire or be redeemed on First In First Out basis and each point earned will have a life of its own.

4.  No two benefits / offers or discounts can be clubbed. As such points are not earned on discounted services, discounted products, series, packages, bridal/make-up packages or any other offers.

5.  Points can be earned on purchase of non-discounted Products & Services. Points can be redeemed only on Services not on purchase of Products.

6.  Any special additional Bonus points if credited as a part of Runway Rewards (in addition to the Runway Rewards Spotlights earned mentioned in the above table) shall have the validity period as communicated by Lakmē. The validity of the same may be different for various campaigns run by Lakmē.



1.  TIER QUALIFICATION: Based on the spends made by a Member and the Tier which the member is a part of; Lakmē will determine the number of points that are to be credited onto the membership account of the Member.

2.  WELCOME GIFT: The WELCOME GIFT refers to the Gift Vouchers of different denominations as mentioned and applicable for the respective tier, And also refers to ‘Be the Showstopper for a day’ offer in case of Gold & Platinum members. The customer will not be given any unique coupon code to redeem the gift vouchers offer. They can directly claim the offer at the front desk if they are eligible/based on their tier. They can avail any service/s worth the give value at Lakmē Salon. It doesn’t require bookings through the app. The welcome gift on respective tier qualification will be awarded on an upgrade or downgrades. Every Gift voucher can be availed only once & will have the validity period of the tier. Eg: Gold gets 2 GVs which can be redeemed one at a time (visit) & are valid till the customer remains in the gold tier. Once redeemed they will not be able to redeem the offer again.

3.  WELCOME BONUS SPOTLIGHTS: Welcome Bonus SPOTLIGHTS can only be earned if the customer is new to Lakmē Salon & has made the first transaction. This new customer will get 3000 Welcome Bonus SPOTLIGHTS which will be added to customers profile in the preceding month of becoming a new customer. An SMS will be sent informing about this reward, subject to customer not being on DND & confirmed to receiving for marketing SMS from Lakmē Salon. The reward to the customer will be enabled once the customers receive the SMS from us. Points Validity will be 60 days from date of points added; post which points will get expired.

4.  HAPPY HOURS DISCOUNT: Happy Hours discount will be given at the time of invoice generation and not at the time of service slip generation or beginning of the service.

5.  BIRTHDAY TREAT: Birthday benefit will be applicable for members whose birthday is already available in the system or has been updated minimum a day before the birthday. Offer can be availed only once in a year within the period of 15 days before the birthday (including the birthday) The offer gets activated in the system for a respective customer exactly 15 days before the birthday & is valid till the customer’s birthdate. E.g.: Customer who has birthday on 7th March And if a customer enrols the birth date in the system on 6th March, then she/he will be able to avail the offer only on 7th March. The offer will be valid only for a day and they will not be able to avail the offer after the birthday.

6.  REFERRAL REWARDS: Referral Bonus points can only be earned if the referred customer is new to Lakmē Salon & has made the first transaction within 30 days from the date of Referral. The referred customer will get an offer SMS on the next day of referral provided, subject to customer not being on DND & confirmed receipt of marketing communication from Lakmē Salon. The Rs.500 offer to the referred customer will be enabled once the customers receive the SMS from us. Referred customers who do not receive the same shall not be eligible to avail the referral offer of Rs500.

7.  RETAIL OFFERS: This offer is applicable only on Lakmē products sold at Lakmē Salon. Customer can avail this offer any number of times throughout the year.



1.  Under the Program, the members can redeem the Spotlights accumulated within 12 months from the date of earning the Spotlights.

2.  Spotlights can be redeemed only on eligible services. Points cannot be redeemed on products, series, packages, bridal packages and make-up packages or memberships.

3.  Spotlights cannot be redeemed for cash and can be redeemed only for services in accordance with the then prevailing redemption criteria of the Program. Spotlights cannot be sold, transferred, or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with the Terms & Conditions stipulated by Lakmē from time to time.

4.  Only 50% of the bill value can be paid through Spotlights redemption, the remaining 50% will have to be paid by Cash/Card or other approved payment mediums.

5.   It is clarified that the redemption of the Spotlights will be in the manner as stipulated by Lakmē from time to time. The value given to each Spotlights earned as well as the time-period within which the Spotlights are to be redeemed, shall beat the sole discretion of Lakmē. Presently the process of redemption is as under:

  • The Member will visit the salon and ask the salon staff for the number of Spotlights available in her account for redemption;
  • He / she will ask the salon staff to opt for redemption of her Spotlights ;
  • The salon staff will log in the request in the system;
  • Currently Lakmē has fixed the value of one Spotlights equal to INR 0.50;
  • Spotlights earned on one calendar date cannot be redeemed on the same calendar date.

6.  Under the Program, if Members do not redeem the points earned in accordance with the redemption policy, then no redemption nor any adjustment or carry forward in any form whatsoever can take place upon the expiry of the points. Lakmē shall not entertain any request whatsoever in regards from any Member.

7.  A member can enquire his / her Spotlights balance by verifying herself by providing her mobile number any time at the front desk in any Lakmē Salon. In case a Member is not registered with DND, he/ she may also receive point balance by SMS on the registered mobile number. A member can also download the Lakmé Salon mobile app & log-in using the current mobile no. registered with Lakmē Salon in order to view the Spotlights balance.

8.  Members must notify Lakmē of any alleged inaccuracies in the Spotlight’s activity summary provided to them within four weeks of the receipt of the same. Any failure to inform the inaccuracies within the prescribed time limit shall be deemed to mean that the details are correct and accepted by the Member and no rectification shall be offered thereafter.

9.  Despite expiration of Spotlights , the Members shall be able to retain their membership in the particular tier in accordance with the Program structure and the non-redemption/expiry of Spotlights would not impact the membership of the participating Member in any particular tier.

10.  Lakmē shall exclusively determine the redemption values / denomination of each Spotlights and stipulate the manner in which the Spotlights can be redeemed, from time to time. To know and update on the redemption policy for Spotlights , the members are requested to contact the salon manager.

11.  In case a member does not want to continue with the Program they should write to care.LLPL@unilever.com/ Call Toll Free: 1800 123 1952.



1.  Participation in the program is subject to the above-mentioned terms and including such other terms that may be stipulated by Lakmē from time to time.

2.  Any failure to follow applicable terms and conditions, any abuse of the Program, or any misrepresentation of information provided to Lakmē by the Member or anyone acting on Member’s behalf, may result in the termination of membership and the cancellation and forfeiture of all accrued Spotlights, benefits, rewards, privileges, etc.

3.  Lakmē reserves the right to : a) increase or decrease the number of Spotlights received for any service; b) withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any reward; c) restrict the continued availability of rewards; d) change program benefits, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting Spotlights, or rules governing the use of benefits and rewards; Spotlights, benefits and rewards earned through participating in the Program may be subject to tax liability. Further, Lakmé reserves the right to vary, postpone or re-schedule the terms and conditions of this program or withdraw this program, any time, at its sole discretion without any prior intimation.

4.  Any inaccuracies brought to the notice of Lakmē within the prescribed time will be verified and a decision related to the alleged inaccuracies will be taken by Lakmē solely in its discretion based on verifiable information available on record and will be communicated to the Member and such decision of Lakmé shall be final and binding.

5.  Lakmē may decide to offer additional benefits and rewards to Members which shall vary as per each tier of membership. These benefits shall be decided by Lakmē exclusively from time to time at its sole discretion.

6.  None of the offers / discounts are available on make-up and bridal package services. Lakmē reserves its rights to alter the Program with regards to the membership criteria, Spotlights, benefits, rewards, etc. structure and rules at and for any particular period of time. All decisions relating to membership, Spotlights, benefits, or rewards are at Lakmē sole discretion.

7.  Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt or use of Program membership Spotlights, benefits and rewards is the sole responsibility of the Member. Lakmē will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Program, Spotlights, benefits, rewards, etc. offered in the case of fraud or abuse involving Spotlights credit, redemption, benefits availed, reward use, etc.

8.  Lakmē has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including but not limited to revocation/cancellation of any benefits, reward and/or termination of the Program and Spotlights, benefits, rewards, etc. earned through the Program may be forfeited.

9.  Lakmē has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the rules for Program and all questions or disputes regarding these the Program rules will be resolved by Lakmē in its sole discretion.

10.  Lakmē shall not be responsible for any damages and / or injuries to any persons either directly or indirectly arising out of use of our website and any of its contents.

11.  Further Lakmē Lever Private Limited (LLPL) or its parent company shall keep the Personal Information/Sensitive personal data or information provided by the customer confidential and may store the same for future reference and use and for providing Program Benefits and recommending any other products and/or services or marketing purposes. Please refer to our privacy policy on http://www.unileverprivacypolicy.com/en_gb/policy.aspx to understand the way we use personal information collected from you.

12.  In case of any dispute, differences and disagreements, decisions taken by Lakmē shall be final and binding without any demur or protest.

13.   All disputes with respect to this program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai.


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